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Medal of Honor Awards Outstanding Students

The purpose of this banquet is to honor outstanding students who have proven themselves to be all-around good students, good citizens, and caring individuals who bring with them a positive force that helps to influence the school to be a better place to learn and grow.
Each school in the district asked their faculty to select students based on the following criteria: makes the most of his/her talents; makes others a priority and demonstrates this by helping without being asked; volunteers his/her time, energy and talents to the school; has a consistently positive attitude; exhibits a good sense of humor; respects himself/ herself and others; is honest; demonstrates commitment and responsibility through good work habits, attendance, discipline, and on-time behavior; and listens to the needs and concerns of others. 
The following students received awards:
  • Denkmann Elementary: Ella DeJonghe, Eva Guerrero, Ryne Nowak, Isabel Ruberg
  • Earl Hanson Elementary: Moe Moe Aye, LaRayah Carroll, John Htoo, Eh Wah
  • Eugene Field Elementary: Teegan Conwell, Millie Gidaszewski, Francesca Guyette, Yaretzi Jimenez
  • Frances Willard Elementary: Amine Gay and Eh Dah Soe
  • Longfellow Liberal Arts: Joseph Maniragaba and Michelle Trujilo-Macias
  • Ridgewood Elementary: Grace Bohnert, Londyn Harris, Kaylee Parr
  • Rock Island Academy: Nthimpera (Andrew) Andrea, Samuel Bizimana, Jada Britton
  • Rock Island Center for Math & Science: Quinn Feigley, Audrey Long, Lucille Mass, Jaimyiah McNeal
  • Thomas Jefferson Elementary: Nevaeh Dove
  • Edison Junior High School: Niyogushima Fiston, Asa Mahn, Sandrine Nduwimana, KayNiya Willoughby
  • Washington Junior High School: Chris Brown, Corbyn Ellis, Alayana McKinley, Julio Ramirez  
  • Rock Island High School: Montana Hogan, Jayla Hathorn, Favour Noya, Logan Pearce, Sabrina Strong, Gwendolyn Waggoner
Students will receive a banquet program and the medal of honor. 
Medal of Honor